Multimodal transportations of cargoes

The basic line of ML Center’s activity is international multimodal transportations. Multimodal transportations are called transportations which are carried out by several types of transport under one contract as "door-door" delivery type. Irrespective of used transport kind (air, sea, railway, auto-transport), responsibility for all transportation carries our company. Our specialists will develop universal logistical scheme corresponding to the purposes and individual client requirements, considering: transportation cost, delivery terms, safety of cargo, possibility of warehousing and accumulation in places of transfers and overloads along the route, customs registration. Multimodal transportation demands special control and harmonious work of all participants of logistical chain. Only carefully developed route and long-term experience guarantees high quality of services given by us.

Advantage of working with ML Center:
  • Reasonable prices;

  • Long-term decisions;

  • Fixed transit terms;

  • Quality standards;

  • Presence of places during seasonal time.

To receive detailed information or price offer on the given type of service, please, contact ML Center representatives.


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