Railway transportation

ML Center renders services in delivery of cargoes by railway. Presence of our own wagon park, cars and loading-unloading equipment allows carry out regular dispatches under optimum transport schemes at invariably high level of service. Shipping and transportation of cargoes is carried out from warehouse of the sender to loading platform of the company. Having possibility to form own trains which transport both export and import allow us to provide a flexible timetable on a clear schedule without interruption.

Basic directions of railway transportation:
  • Italy-Germany-Italy

  • Spain-Germany-Spain

  • France-Germany-France

  • Baltic-Russia-Baltic

  • Baltic-Kazakhstan-Baltic

  • Baltic-Uzbekistan-Baltic

Advantages of railway transportation use are:
  • Low cost of cargo transportation

  • Possibility to transport large volumes over long distances

  • Railway transportation allows to carry out transportation of non-standard and large-sized cargoes;

  • Independence of the railway on climatic conditions

  • High level of safety and security of cargo.

ML Center offers railway transportation by following kinds of rolling stock:
  • Container platforms

  • Covered wagons

  • Semi-wagons

  • Special platforms for transportation

ML Center specialists will offer you:
  • The optimal way of transportation, if necessary, in combination with road transport or sea transport;

  • Full terminal service (see «Warehouse logistics» services);

  • Registration of railway and customs documents.

To receive detailed information or price offer on the given type of service, please, contact ML Center representatives of trading department.


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